Working Group 2

National KEPs: models, optimisation methods and technology

WG2 will focus on enabling technology for practical collaboration and adoption of best KEP practices at a national level. Within this WG, the optimisation scientists are in the lead and will study the impact of different policies / models / assumptions on the solutions, together with policy makers, clinicians and legal / ethical scientists. For some countries this will require the comparison of current practice with alternative (best) practices in other countries. Newly arising local / national KEPs will need to consider a variety of best practices and adopt of one of the available approaches. This “discussion by example” facilitates setting up the basis for a generic local / national model and for the definition of the transnational KEP model. In addition to these activities optimisation experts will discuss implementation details related to the optimisation models used in their countries and share opinions on how to improve the techniques in order to obtain efficient and adequate solutions for practical KEPs.

WG2 is responsible for providing guidance to countries involved in this Action on self-assessing their current national KEPs and for discussing possible adjustments and possible adoption of different policies. Based on outputs from WG1, they will also propose standardised criteria, requirements and parameters for KEP models. Furthermore, they will provide guidance to those countries that do not currently have KEPs running on designing a prototype KEP for ultimate adoption at national level.