Scientific missions: Guidelines - Application Procedure

Before applying, please make sure you have read the information on eligibility (which includes information on the maximal amounts you can apply for) as well as the reporting requirements. To apply, please follow the steps outlined below.

Discuss your intentions with your host and agree on a research plan and precise dates for your visit (which must be within the current grant period). Prepare a summary of your research plan, of e.g., 250 words; this should clearly state what you intend to do and how this will contribute to the scientific objectives of the Action (which are to advance research on kidney exchange programmes). Find out whether there are other sources to fund part of your trip.

Before the deadline, complete the application form at If you have never participated in any COST activity before, you will first have to open an e-COST account and complete your personal profile. Make sure you select the correct Action number (CA15210 - European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes). Enter all the information requested.

In the e-COST form, you will be asked for
- applicant details (name and home institution);
- STSM details, including the COST Action number, the STSM title, and start and end times;
- Motivation and Workplan summary; please also include a brief justification of the amounts requested for travel, and for subsistence;
- Bank Details;
- Host details, including name, email address and institution address;
- Requested Financial Support, including the amount requested for travel, and amount for subsistence.

You will need to upload at this stage three supporting documents:  
- Letter of support from the Home Institution
- Written agreement from the Host Institution that the STSM applicant can perform the activities detailed in the STSM work plan on the agreed dates
- Your CV. This should include a list of academic publications (if applicable), and, among other things, your current position (e.g., PhD student, professor, etc.); your institution and department; the date and awarding institution of your PhD (or of your Master's degree in case you do not hold a PhD); and (in case you are a PhD student) the name of your supervisor.

There is an application guide to help with the process. There is also some information in Section 7 (pages 35/36) of 
We will try to make funding decisions within three weeks after the deadline.